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Transform your demos into professional studio productions

90%MusicProductions™ will help you finish your tracks. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we offer three packages. See which package best suits your situation.

Package 1
Finish track

You were once very impressed with your track, but now it just frustrates you. It has potential, but it has not yet come to fruition.

Do you rarely or never finish your demos? Then this package is ideal. We will produce your track at an affordable price.
The goal is to get your track ready for distribution on platforms, such as Spotify. We will make this happen by implementing an efficient production plan.
Receive a free track analysis with production plan, including a price quotation. The costs differ per project. Average €200,-

Package 2
New material

Your track has a good foundation, but the right puzzle pieces are still missing, which makes your track feel incomplete.

Busy finishing up your track, but getting stuck on composing and producing additional parts? Then package 2 suits you best.

The goal is to breathe new life into your track, transforming existing material and creating new material. This way you'll have the tools to finish your track.

Receive a free track analysis with production plan, including a price quotation.
Average €100

Package 3
Studio production

You are a writer of super cool songs and you want to transform your demos into professional studio productions.

Do you want to convert compositions and demos into professional music productions? Then this service is ideal.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to convert your compositions into professional studio productions at a very affordable price.

The price varies per project, depending on the budget and associated production plan. 
Receive a free track analysis with production plan, including a price quotation.
Average €300,-

Production tips

About us

90%MusicProductions™ was founded by Pepijn Rinke de Wit. Pepijn is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who also developed his gift in producing music. He understands what musicians want, knows the challenges of different instruments and immerses himself in the musician in order to achieve maximum results. Pepijn knows the struggle to turn a great musical idea into a brilliant end product. Those last 10% can make or break a production. And that is why Pepijn founded 90%MusicProductions™: to finally let all those wonderful musical concepts from artists who are 90% ready come to full maturity. The power of a fresh look, a new ear for almost finished compositions, that is what 90%MusicProductions™ offers, with a personal approach, dedication and professionalism.  

Skills, experience and knowledge

Pepijn has built up a lot of knowledge and experience in the field over the years, which means that he can deal with every type of track. Thus he has:

  • Completed the bachelor's degree in Music and Technology at the HKU.

  • Obtained a diploma in Audio Engineering at the SAE.

  • Countless cool music productions for Call4Music. Call4Music composes and produces music for the media (TV, podcasts, documentaries, jingles, etc.).


He is happy to work with your track, to convert it into a super creative, professional high-end track.


Do you have questions about one of our services? Then contact 90%MusicProductions™. Fill out our contact form or start a conversation in our chat. We will contact you as soon as possible.

About 90% Music Productions

90%MusicProductions™ finishes the final 10% your music. Do you have a potential hit in store but do you struggle to make it distribution ready? Or maybe you just need new material to get inspired again? Or maybe you're a songwriter who'd like to record your demos professionally. 90%MusicProductions™ would like to help you finish your music for affordable prices. We compose, arrange, mix and master your music to perfection keeping your creative interest at heart.