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Finish your track

Transform ideas into professional music productions.
90%MusicProductions™ offers all the tools to transform your demos into full-fledged studio productions.


Request a free analysis and production proposal

​In order to treat your track to the best of our abilities we make certain creative choices. So we dive a lot deeper into it than just the mix. This can vary from adding new parts to rearranging old ones. In our free analysis + production proposal we will inform you about how it is we think we can finish your track. If you do not want us to adjust parts in your track, you can indicate this and we will take this along in the production process. However we'd like to add that maximum freedom for us results in maximum creativity in your track. If you are happy with the form and content of your track and you only want a mixing service, then you have not come to the right place. We actually produce your track. This can, but doesn't have to, mean more than just mixing. Are you open to more than just a mixing service to tackle your track, then read on ;)!

Finishing music productions is a pretty spectacular moment for any artist and we want to help you get it done more often. We do this with the help of our 3 production packages, all with one goal, to help you finish your tracks in a cost efficient way.

Read on and discover which service best suits your situation.

Package 1: Finish track

You are in the final stage of the production process. You have composed, arranged and mixed extensively but your track is still missing something.

What needs to be done:

  • End product must sound complete and balanced

  • Optimize dynamic contrasts

  • A strong tension arc is essential

  • End goal to be determined

  • Mixage refined (+ master)

What we do​:

Creating cohesion between the parts by balancing volume levels

Using automation for maximum control

Creative additions or rearrangements for an increased attention span of your listeners

Achieve your track goals for a convincing end result

Delivering a hi-end, super professional mix

Package 2: New Material

Your track has a good foundation but it lacks character. New material is needed to strengthen the track, but you're out of inspiration.

What needs to be done:

  • The potential of your track must come to light


  • Strengths strengthened, weaknesses eliminated

  • Authentic creative applications

  • Focused production approach

  • Mix refined (+ master)

What we do​ †

The details of your track are presented convincingly

We look for the strengths and weaknesses in your track and treat them properly

Provide new content and upgrade existing content

We set goals based on your wishes, to produce effectively  

Delivering a hi-end, super professional mixing

Production service 3: Studio production

Turn your ideas into full-fledged productions. Are you a writer of super cool songs and do you want to transform them into professional studio productions? We can make it happen for you at a very affordable price.

What needs to be done:

  • Conceptualizing song and production

  • Making recordings / playing instruments

  • Editing and mixing

  • [If necessary] record vocals

  • Mixdown + master

What we do​:

Together we'll determine the artistic and commercial goals for a focussed and effective production process

We record digital and analog instruments to fill your track

We edit and mix your track to a professional level. We do this whilst keeping the established goals in mind

Vocal recordings in our studio. If you have the right equipment, you can also record it for us yourself

We'll finalise the mix for a professional end result at industry standards

Send your track

…for an analysis and start finishing your tracks

Free track analysis 


The skills with which we treat your tracks

We have a broad set of skills with which we can tackle your track optimally.


  • Royal Conservatoire The Hague (SvJT), major subject Jazz Piano, minor subject Jazz Guitar

  • Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), Music and Technology (composition and production) 

  • School of Audio Engineering (SAE)​


  • Instrumental skills: Piano, guitar, bass, vocals, harmonies or choirs, drum computers and samples

  • Production skills: 100+ tracks produced for Call4Music, own projects as artist Flaevours

  • Engineering skills: Broad technical knowledge in the DAW, studio experience, experts in mixing

Productie dienst 1
Productie dienst 2
Productie dienst 3
Stuu je track op

How the production proces will take place:

Start by sending us the most recent version of your track. Do this by sharing a link to your track with us in the submission form. Enter your details and let us know how far you estimate your track to be done on a scale from 0 to 100. This will help us determine our level of intervention. This is still a requirement for package 3. We will be able to prepare an effective production proposal with this information.

When we receive your track, you will receive a response from us within a few days. This response will contain an analysis of your track as it is and a production plan in which we describe what we think is necessary to finish your track. We'll include a price quotation for you to decide if you want to hire us.  

To be able to treat your track, you'll need to send us the separate stems or groups of your track. However the drums are suggested to send as separate stems. Once we're ready to start the producing we will contact you again to discuss a number of things. Such as: the extent of our intervention, what must remain untouched, the musical and commercial goals for the end product, etc. As soon as we have a clear picture of your wishes, we will start producing.

We produce in two rounds so that you can give feedback in between. After our first production round you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback which we'll process in the second production round.  

After the second round we will send your track back. Your track will now sound professional and finished and is also ready for distribution on Spotify and other platforms, being mastered accordingly. If you prefer to receive your track as separate stems, that is also possible. Let us know how you would like to receive your track back.

About 90% Music Productions

90%MusicProductions™ finishes the final 10% your music. Do you have a potential hit in store but do you struggle to make it distribution ready? Or maybe you just need new material to get inspired again? Or maybe you're a songwriter who'd like to record your demos professionally. 90%MusicProductions™ would like to help you finish your music for affordable prices. We compose, arrange, mix and master your music to perfection keeping your creative interest at heart.



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