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Terms and conditions - Buy Track 90% Ghost

If you buy this product you agree to follow the rules as stated below:

  1. You’ll receive a .wav audio file off your purchase.

  2. You can use your purchased track, unlimitedly. Unlike 90%Basis you won't have to add a mention when you use the track. 90%MusicProductions™ is still allowed to create their own mention, for example: mentioning the song has been sold.

  3. You’re aware that your chosen purchase is on the open market. You won’t necessarily be the only owner of the track you procured.

  4. You won’t re-sell the track for a lower price.

  5. You’re free to earn money off the track aslong as the output is an artistic one. Think of:

    1. YouTube, Spotify, Instagram.

    2. Music for film or other media, etc.


Failure to follow the rules: 1, 5 and 6 will result in a fine.

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