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Make HipHop Beats

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6 lessen

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€ 250,-

Do you want to make beats to collaborate with rap artists? Or would you rather grab the mic yourself? Then sign up for this module. In this 6 week module you will learn how to make beats in all kinds of different ways so that you master a lot of skills to be creative.

During the module you will learn how to make beats like the pros and at the same time we will focus on finding authenticity and originality. In each lesson we will work on a new beat so in addition to new skills you will have 6 new, original, professionally mixed beats by the end of this module.

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What can 90%MusicProductions™ help you with?

  • Making a unique Hip-hop beat

    • We'll make a loops, experiment with samples and effects

  • Getting to know the structure of a Hip-Hop beat

    • So you can start and finish tracks

  • Developing your own style

    • Making a beat can be done in different ways. We will explore many different styles to keep creativity fresh

Docent Pepijn Rinke de Wit


Pepijn from 90%MusicProductions™ has many years of experience in DAW. Ableton has no more secrets for him and he is happy to share his knowledge with you. Pepijn has been busy with music from an early age. He plays piano, guitar, bass, drums and sings. With his years of experience, he can turn an idea into a truly magnificent track. He is happy to help you with that, because that saves you time and you immediately learn the process of music production from a professional.


  • Bachelor of Composition and Music Production (HKU)

  • Diploma Audio Engineering (SAE)

  • 4 years jazz piano and guitar, SvJT (KC, The Hague)

Do you want to become a real Beats master?

Request a free trial lesson or sign up for the module. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities. 

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