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 Learning music production


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Personal assistance


Learn everything about DAW

Do you want to learn how to make, record and mix music? Then take a look at our music production modules. Just like piano or guitar lessons, you can take music production lessons with us in which we teach you to become a skilled music producer. Do you want to know more about music production, what it is, what we teach you or do you have other questions? Read on or feel free to contact us.


Learning to produce music - private lessons

Would you like to learn how to produce your own music, but don't you know where to start? 90%MusicProductions™ can help you forward. In our modules you will learn how to turn your own laptop into a powerful music studio and produce your own songs in a DAW. Check out our modules and contact us to sign up.


The modules are ideal for you if:

  • You don't know how DAW works.

  • You get stuck in your own productions and don't get any further than making loops.

  • YouTube tutorials were too complicated for you or simply don't help you forward.

  • You are full of inspiration, but have too little knowledge to make a real song.

  • You want to take your mixing skills to the next level.

  • You want to understand parameters, terminology and important values in music production.

In our music production classes you can go in all directions: composing, arranging, mixing and mastering. You decide what you want to focus on and we help you to a professional level.


Request a free trial lesson if you're not sure yet about the modules

Modules and costs

Private lessons (sign up for min. 3 lessons) €30,- p/h (ex. VAT)


Private modules (6 lessons) €250 per module (ex. VAT)


Or take a free trial lesson (1/2 hour) if you feel like you need to figure out what you want.


Basically all you need is a good computer (Apple preferably). We primarily work with Ableton, but we can also assist in Logic or Pro Tools.

Studio in Leiden (Hogewoerd 7a
2311HE, Leiden)


Music production workshops

During the music production workshop, the group will be introduced to the process of music production. Composition, mixing and mastering will be addressed.


This workshop is suitable for primary and secondary education, music schools and other groups.

  • Interactive lesson

  • Music production introduction

  • Record and edit music

  • Music and technology

What do we do?

Together with the participants, we will compose, produce and mix a short song in an hour to experience the process of producing music.


Workshop €50 (ex. VAT)

Make a song for special occasions €250 (ex. VAT)

Goodbye song / Birthday song / Wedding song

Compose your own workshop

Are you interested in conducting a music production workshop for a specific event? For example, do you want to make a goodbye song with your school class? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


The participants are encouraged to bring their own musical instruments to the workshop. Audio-speakers and a screen for projection (eg. whiteboard).

At location

Music production assistance

One-time track assistance

Are you working on a project or single and can't quite figure it out? Or do you want to learn to produce music better, without being tied to a package? 90%MusicProductions™ is happy to help you out with a single or few sessions. Contact us about the possibilities.


What 90%MusicProductions™ can help you with:

  • One-time accompaniment for mixing a song
    Improve the mixes of your tracks.


  • One-time studio session
    Learn about essential studio elements.


  • Basic knowledge DAW
    Learn about essential mixing techniques


€35 per hour

Music production teacher

Pepijn Rinke de Wit


Patient, experienced, purposeful

Pepijn has encountered many musical experiences. He is a multi-instrumentalist and experienced with DAW. He likes to teach you how to get the most out of the program. Pepijn can help you to turn ideas into songs.

Experience in music production:


  • 18 years – Instruments: piano, guitar, vocals, bass, drums.

  • 14 years – Interplay: pop/rock-bands, jazz combos, vocal ensembles, bigband, choirs.

  • 12 years - Music composing: Jazz, pop, rock, EDM, singer-songwriter, classical.

  • 10 years – Plug-ins, DAW, MIDI, microphones and other soft/hardware.

  • 10 years - Writing lyrics.

  • 10 years - Mixing and mastering.

About 90% Music Productions

90%MusicProductions™ finishes off your music. Do you have a potential hit in store but do you struggle to make it distribution ready? Or maybe you just tend to get stuck on finishing your tracks? 90%MusicProductions™ would like to help you finish your music. We compose, arrange, mix and master your music to perfection keeping your creative interest at heart.


90%MusicProductions™ offers educational courses too. We teach songwriting and music production as a joint venture. You’ll learn the proces of starting a song, all the way up to finalisation, meanwhile becoming a skilled producer.



  • Finish your track

  • Music production learning

  • Beats & Samples (yet to come)

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