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Discover Music Production

Module duration

6 lessons

 Lesson duration​​

1.5 hours

Module price

€ 250,-

Would you like to learn how to produce music, but don't know where to start? How cool would it be to convert your own creative musical ideas into your own tracks? Thanks to this module from 90%MusicProductions™, that's possible!

The module 'discover music production' is a module in which you learn within 6 lessons how to put together an entire music production from start to finish. From sampling, effects and harmony to structure, tension and dynamic contrasts. Each lesson you create a new track which we cover in the next lesson, starting from lesson 2. Don't worry, we'll teach you exactly what you need so you don't get stuck. At the end of the module you will have made 5 of your own music productions.


What can 90%MusicProductions™ help you with?

  • Making your own music production

    • From sampling, effects and harmony to structure, tension and dynamic contrasts

  • The basic knowledge of DAW

    • Learn about essential mixing techniques


  • Discover what music production has to offer

    • In no time you will know whether music production is made for you and which style suits you

Teacher Pepijn Rinke de Wit


Pepijn van 90%MusicProductions™ is een ervaren muzikant. Hij speelt al sinds jongs af aan piano, gitaar en zingt. Hij leerde werken in DAW-programma’s waarmee hij van zijn visies, werkelijkheid kan laten maken. Hij heeft twee diploma's in muziek productie en over de jaren aan talloze muziek producties gewerkt. Nu werkt hij bij Call4Music waar hij muziek maakt voor TV. Hij deelt graag zijn kennis met beginnende en meer ervaren muziekproducers.


  • Bachelor of Composition and Music Production (HKU)

  • Diploma Audio Engineering (SAE)

  • 4 years jazz piano and guitar, SvJT (KC, The Hague)

Want to learn to produce music?

Are you interested, do you want to find out more or do you want to request a free trial lesson? Please feel free to contact us. 

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