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Workshop Music Production

Workshop duration

  • 1 hour

Workshop price

  • € 50,-

This workshop is suitable for groups

The workshop is very accessible to everyone. After a short introduction, we take you through the music production process based on a song that we will make on the spot. During the workshop participants/students are asked to contribute. Can you play an instrument yourself or do you like to sing/rap? We can really use this during this workshop. After the workshop you will be familiar with the foundations of music production.


This workshop is therefore ideal if you want to know how and what a producer is involved in and also how a producer thinks. The workshop is also ideal for instrumentalists. Production has become incredibly accessible these days, both financially and technically. A laptop with good specifications (worth € 2000,-) can run ±200 tracks including Plug-ins without effort. The Beatles have yet to make entire albums on 8 tracks. Just imagine how much is possible in music production these days. Music production is the world where music becomes complete. Do you ever play the guitar with an imaginary band in the background? Music production makes it possible to realize this.  

If you are interested or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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